I’m actually getting back in gear again for gardening at long last. Yesterday I set 35 scarlet pelargonium cuttings to root in the propagator. This despite whatever day it was. Paul’s put our BD calendar “in a very safe place” LOL – you know the one, I’m sure, it’s so bloody safe you’ll never find it again! So I don’t know if I did it on a propitious day or not. We later discovered by voicing together, at just the same moment (this comes of 36 years of marital … errr … bliss ???), that we had both ordered a new calendar. Arrrggghhh!!! However, I think we have a friend who hasn’t got one so the spare can go to her.

Anyway, marital asides aside, the cuttings will be fine – evne if they would have been better done on another day! Plants want to grow and do their best to do so whatever, and I’m pleased to have done them. I brought the 8 stock plants in at the first frost and they’re just thinking about coming back now so I’ll be tending them too. The pic above has the first one coming into flower last year. This year, I hope the place will be ablaze with them.

I’m also sorting seeds and getting ready to sow. Not sure what I’m beginning with will put that in the next blog … very shortly !!! Hopefully we’ll have a calendar by then and I can do it on a good day for whatever I decide. And I work biodynamically … dhhhhhhhh !!!