Lara’s predictions for my sun and ascendant make a lot of sense, without going into any detail. Thanks Lara, you’re a great astrologer 🙂

The 12 Signs in 2010
Please read your Ascendant as well as your Sun sign if you know it. Also pay attention to any sign in which you have several planets. Please bear in mind that whole sign analyses like this are very broad and are an indicator only and are unlikely to exactly fit your specific situation. They should ideally be balanced by a professional reading of your own chart.

Leo – Sun

The long Mars retrograde through Leo that began in mid-December may have you feeling as if you are wading through sludge, but this is a great time (until mid-May) to rework and revise old issues to completion, freeing you up for the brand new impulses that come in the summer. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction supports your spiritual development from midsummer on, inspiring you to reach new levels of philosophical understanding. This is also a highly creative time for you, with most of the planets that are giving other people trouble shining on you with benevolence.

Advice: Support your spiritual growth this year with physical rejuvenation: cleanses, fasts and exercise, especially yoga. Allow time for creative expression. Use the first half of the year to rework old material and to complete projects.

Sagittarius – Ascendant

Finally, Pluto is gone and Saturn too! You breathe a sigh of relief, but know you have to get to grips with money this year. It’s all about the money: raising your income, doing what you are really here to do, not spending it before you get it, and clearing up whatever debris remains from Pluto’s reworking of your life over the past fifteen years, fiscal or otherwise. You are likely in much clearer shape psychologically, but a recent Saturn-influenced tendency to pessimism, most uncharacteristic for you, may cloud your desire to move forward (and may resurface in April-July for late birthday Sag’s when Saturn briefly retrogrades back into Virgo). Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries in the summer will banish such reluctance to live life to the full and you will bounce back, full of zest and verve.

Advice: Use the inspiration of Jupiter/Uranus in your house of creativity to reshape your life, integrating more creative and fun pursuits into your daily routines. Before then, in the first half of the year, get your house in order so you are ready to make full use of the inspiration and reborn energy.