I just heard that Obama has taken off the protection from wolves so they are now being hunted again! The article tells more. This is terrible! Obama’s a complete idiot, obviously hasn’t read, doesn’t understand, the good that protecting them has done for wildlife – if not the human psyche, which seems a lost cause in 99% of humans.

I don’t know if there is anything can be done about this. I suspect it’s a sop to get health-care better looked out. Do you see that kind of blackmail going on all around you? You should. It does. We trade-off, “compromise”, give something that doesn’t matter to us in exchange for what we, personally, want. It’s one the main underlying traits of being human. Me! Me! Me! coupled with “I’m top dog”, coupled with nothing else matters but me and folk like me. Remember all those folk in America who call sick folk “clunkers” ??? What ???

Are you proud of being human? I’m not. I feel the need to apologise to the rest of creation most of the time for the gross stupidity, cruelty, thoughtlessness and selfishness of my species. I look forward to the day when disease (planet-made) wipes out at least 3/4 of the human race so the Earth can get back to being a good place to live again. We breed like rabbits, we think we are the most important thing in creation and we don’t give a damn about anything else, especially if it seems toget in our way. We never co-operate with other species, if they annoy us we try to wipe them out.

And … we actually consider killing something fun! Like these half-witted pieces of manhood (and womanhood to, I spect, thinking of the Palin), enjoy killing.

NO other creature but humans kills for fun – no, not even foxes, if you look at facts rather than legends from drunken bars. NO other creature rapes its children. NO other creature makes war. NO other creature is cruel for fun, psychopathic. We are a complete waste of space !!!

Bring on the cull! Bring it on soon !!!

Compare the first photo of the killer with this one of this man and his partner who live with and preserve wolves in the UK. And in Europe too. Shaun learned a lot from those who set up the Grey Wolf protection, and from the American native people. Please the gods more folk like him survive the cull and are able to educate us all in how to live with our elder brothers rather than use them for getting our rocks off through killing.
Ye gods! Am I mad !!!