Olwen just caught a young rat! Came in through cat-flap, yowling that noise you do when you try to meow with your mouth full. she then proceded to pararde it to me, yowling the while, and trying to bury it under my desk, under my sofa, under my bookcase … There was quite a bit of shouting from me at this point! Eventually she follwed me to the kitchen and threw it around while I made a pot of tea – it was well dead all this time, no worries!
She then took it back to the hall and rolled it up in a rug – just to make sure I tripped and broke my neck when I came back to the study with my tea tray! That cat is definitely a synapse-free zone … who does she think s going to open her food tins if she does me itn ??? Dhhh !!!
At last, as I sat down with my tea, the scrunching noises began! She ate the dran thing … ah well, it saves on cat food and keeps the little beggars down LOL