Pottered about yesterday but got a lot done, slowly. Paul finished digging out the first spuds, nice crop. I sorted and bagged the best up for storage, the others are in a basket for use now. There were some enormous bakers, had one for tea and very good it was.
Picked over the propagation pots, pulled out weeds, squished slugs, generally saw to everyone’s wellbeing. It’s a nice occupation, checking over new plants grown from seed and cuttings. All except some of the dahlias are surviving at the least and most are thriving. The deutzia in particular need potting on again, and the mock orange trees.

I also potted on the rose and geraniums for my friends’ upcoming birthdays – we’re all Leo women LOL I’m especially pleased with the rose as I’ve not done rose cuttings for a few years and it’s doing splendidly, flowering even and a super rootball. In potting on the pelargonium I managed to break its neighbour … ended up with 3 plants instead of one! the broken bits were good and healthy so I dunked them in rooting powder and popped them back in the pot. I began with just the one plant last year, now there’s a dozen as well as the ones gifted away. Hope birthday friend does as well with hers.
The geranium is “Ann Folkard“, a beautiful magenta with green-gold deeply cloven foliage, it sprawls and climbs a bit too, one plant can be enormous. As my friend lives on a narrow-boat it will look smashing on her roof, tumbling down the sides :-).

Lots to do, but not feeling 100% today so shall take it a bit easy. Lots of writing to do too – see other blog – so will be on that. Hope to get out in garden a bit though as weather quite good again.