The leeks are in! Planted yesterday afternoon. Several slugs were fooloishly making their way towards them this morning as I passed with the sluggicide bucket! They have now joined their fellows in slug-heaven. I’m very pleased to have got some extra leeks, wasn’t as well supplied this year as last – not sure why, what I did, being remiss I spect :-).

Paul hauled the spuds out of the bed beforehand, Orla variety. Not bad, quite floury, but not as much taste as I’d like. Jo & I have decided we’re going to do Pink Fir Apple next year along with Charlottes. both are good for salads and the Fir Apples will go onto to do big bakers and roasters the longer we leave them. Think I’ll also try those spud bags, for the Charlottes anyway. Digging spuds is VERY hard work, and I’m old and creaky.

The pigs above are with Charlie Westhead – he runs/owns Neals Yard Creamery and does the best soft cheeses in the whole world – no kidding. He also does good yoghurt. I go up there each week to get my supplies and, as he’s just down the road, say my weekly greeting to Arthur’s Stone. This week it was Lughnasadh Eve so very appropriate. Rather damp but not as bad as today. weather’s getting better here though.

Ray, who I get my bacon, sausages & pork from, puts some pigs out each year with Charlie. These are the latest foursome. They’re really friendly and love having their noses scratched. They grunted and oinked at us when we arrived to get the yog so we had to go see them. They’re very small still, only about 3 months old as yet, but such a bright ginger and bright as buttons too :-). And yes, I will be eating them, or their brothers and sisters later on in the year.

With either Ray or Charlie they have a great life, living in woods and paddocks, lots of space, excellent food and a nice wallow – pigs adore a good mud bath, then they wash themselves down and come up all bright and clean again. They’re very clean animals naturally, it’s only bad farming that makes them dirty. I’ll put some pix of Ray’s woodland pigs up soon.

But at least I know I’ve got me leeks and bacon … as long as I can keep the slugs off the leeks !!!
Lughnasdah Blessing to all.