The Press Association: Organic food benefits downplayed

Well, there you go! I’ve got it all wrong! A pretty, personable, charming young man with a nice voice and alphabet soup after his name, from the Institute of Tropical medicine, tells me “there’s no important nutritional differences” between organically and commercially produced food. well dang my eyelids, I’ve been wrong all these years !!!

He says his research consisted of reading all the papers produced on the subject over the past 50 years. Errrrm … so he’s spent however-long reading what other people said/did? So he’s reiterating what other people say? Is that what research is? Errrmmmm ….

And what about all the papers that other people, not of his persuasion, have written to show there is a difference?

Ah! silly me! He’s a scientist. He has alphabet soup after his name. He MUST know. Oh yes, of course, I’m being “willfully ignorant” again (as my ex-friend calls me) in not lapping up what one of these experts says.

I return to the definition of “expert” we used when I was a computer boffin … an “ex” is a has-been, a “spurt” is a drip under pressure. Ahem!

We seem to live in a world where we don’t make our own decisions but always lap up whatever some impressive idiot tells us. If the government tell us we need super-foods and anti-oxidants and 5-a-day and fluorine in our water and GM food … and … and … we just say “oh yes” and go along with it. Having several farmer-friends I see the young degree-ridden go-for-it bushy-tailed red-setter-puppy children come out of agricultural college with degrees, alphabet soup after their names et al. they have no knowledge of cattle, anatomy, signs to look for, knowing when land is in good heart … but wow! you should see the business plans they come up with and the specious arguments that sound amazing for doing something damn silly.

The same happens in medicine. A young degree-laden trainee nurse turned up in my doctor’s practice a couple of years ago … I have diabetes and go for regular blood tests, this lassie didn’t know what the Islets of Langerhans were nor whee the pancreas was !!! There was NO WAY I’d let her treat me … and if you don’t know why not, go Google any of those terms! That Yuletide BBC Radio 4 had a programme on called “Just where is the femur?” … doctors saying what I’d experienced and extremely worried about it.

What has all this to do with the latest “Sirian Globes” – Sirius is the dog star, think of another word for globes and you’ll get my meaning LOL – on organic food? for me it’s about the general unwillingness, perhaps inability, to think for one’s self. Maybe a fear to contradict “experts”. Maybe a laziness to not have to work it out for oneself. any or all of these makes me very nervous about the future. I don’t fancy being ruled by a crowd of idiots who believe what anyone who has staggered through college or university tells them. the world is in a bad enough state as it is without that.

Remember all that stuff about there was no evidence for global warming? Ha! Not being pushed now, is it? At the time they tried to suppress it the politics was such that suppression helped the powers in charge to stay that way. So what’s this crap about organic food supporting?

Whatever, I am quite un-swayed – willfully ignorant as L puts it! – an shall continue to garden organically and biodynamically and young son-of-a-gun from the Institute can put his 50 years-worth of papers in his pipe and smoke it.