One of the nice things about stirring is you often get to do it with friends, it becomes a social-thing not just a work-thing. Yesterday was just such. Jo – a super garden designer – is just getting going with biodynamics so we go and help with the stirrings. In return, Jo comes over and helps us here, that’s part of the social thing :-). We always have a meal together too and a gossip catch-up as well so it’s good fun.
This was Jo’s second 500 stirring for her land. she was well organised this time, had all her preps, and got them mostly bottled into old jam-jars, although they arrived just after a visit to the glass-recycle so she was a bit low on jars *g*. No matter, there was some marmalade needed eating I think so more jars will soon be avaialable.
We got going with the stirring at 3pm and finsinsehed well on time at 4pm, the 3 of us doing 10-minuter stints each, and staying well supplied with tea & biscuits. as you can see, we were supervised by Jo’s cats who seemed to think we did a respecatable job. The garden looks well adn is doing loads of veg – we ate from it for dinner later – I’ll try to get some pix of the whole place IDC, or maybe Jo has some. It’s on the edge of the Forest of Dean and fallow deer come into the garden at present, a gorgeous sight, but one that’ll have to be curtailed as she uses more of the garden. All that’s in the design plan, with some interesting ideas so I hope to be able to tell you about it as it happens later on.
It was a lovely day, lots of work and lots of fun too …