I hate slugs! It’s unlike me to say I hate a critter but, just now, I hate slugs! I have lacy cabbages, and a bucket of the darn critters – all dead now, I’m a confirmed sluggicide! Oh! It is such a pain and happens sooooooooo quickly. You have the usual look round the garden before going in to supper, comeout the next morning and you plants are shredded, decimated.

I’d also sown rows of turnip, swede, beetroot and kale. All were doing relaly well, then the (modern) JUly rains came. for the first few days the plats were fine still. then I go out in the morning and find there’s only stalks !!! Arrrrrrgggghhhhh! What do I do? Will they come back? Hmmm! Not very likely, the poor little things were only at the 4-leaf stage, no strength as yet. And it’s damn nearly August!

But I’m going to sow again, indoors in seed trays, put them out during the day and bring in before the sligs get up to feed, see if I can get some young plants going and out there before autumn as they’re all overwintering varieties.

I really am going to have reorganise my planting season. Like I said the other day, this is the 3rd year we’ve had heavy rain at this time of year, I suspect it’s the Earth’s way of coping and realigning herself so I have to fit in. I began some of the thinking last night, earlier planting is going to be some of it, but alos more seed-tray nd module planting in summer which I’m not used to. Sigh !!! Change is good for us … so they say LOL.