BirdTrack (BTO/RSPB/BWI)
I just got invited to this. It was a bit of a struggle to get my grid refernece – as always, the post code doesn’t cover me, like sat nave gives out about 1/2 a mile away from my house too LOL. But once I got there it was fairly ituitive, at least I think I’ve got it right! It’s fun, and useful. You can make your own homw into a bird-watching site. I’ve done this as I can’t walk but I do loads of watching in the garden, and of the surrounding fileds from the upstairs of the house as well. There seemed to be no lists of species found in my 1Km square … there are now! I just added a load. We have lots.

If you like watching birds and are willing to do a bit of recording on the web – that really is easy! – then join up and give it a go. They do need our recordings, not just for species but it helps tell about lots more things like habitat, global warming, climate change, seasons change, all the environment in fact.