This isn’t us !!! a pic of a flooded stream on Exmoor, but it feels like that today and there are flood warnings out. Third year now we’ve had torrential rain in July – season changes, global warming … have begun to think about how to re-order my planting to accomodate the Planet.

I uncovered the tomatoes yesterday although I knew it would rain today but they were most unhappy and I was afraid of mildew. there are loads of baby tomaotes on the bushes and it looks like a tropical rain-forest! We sould get a load of toms to make puree to freeze for the winter. And I must have a go at chutney too.

It’s supposed to clear later – hope so. the red currants (2nd load) are bugeoning and need to be cut but NOT in this weather!

Have a new recipe to try for using courgettes … we, err, have several! will post it up here later so you can try it too.