Folk do a lot of this aorund our way.

Coming back from the doctor’s, half an hour ago we stopped for a woman and her beautiful little bay pony in the lane. I suspect he was farily new to it – tossing his head, wondering what this rattly thing was doing behind him. she was very much on the ball and the alert, holding him together and containing him. He was sooooo pretty, wish I’d had time & camera to take his pic instead of hunting on the web :-). she had him rigged out in red harness which suited his dark bay coat admirably. And the two-wheeler had red trim too.
I used to drive as well as ride when I was a teenager but no longer. Nor could I anymore as it’d be too dangerous if I fell or got knocked with the osteoporosis … damnit! My friends have so far refused to give me a ride on those grounds … sigh! But I can’t blame them, they’d be horror-struck if anything happened … damnit!
I’m just so pleased to see people doing it again, a lot, now. there’s even a local-ish driving fair/show later in the summer. Will try to go and get pix of our locals – they’re all incredibly smart and gorgeous *g*.
None of these pix is from our locals – went hunting from them on the net. But they’re lovely wherever they’re form …