Shaman’s Way Workshops

I thought you might like to know what we will be doing on each of the four workshop days. The format for each of the workshops will be the same. The content of each, of course, is different. The workshops form a progress through the theme of growth.

The workshops take place around each of the 4 Celtic moon-fire seasons … Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain.


We begin with Interconnectedness, our relationship with Life, the Universe and everything … and the answer isn’t 42 .

Our story is Shining Brow – the story of Taliesin, the bard of Britain and how he came into being. Taliesin’s name means “shining brow” and he was given it at the end of his initiation by the man, the prince, who finds him as he is reborn. This workshop is about our rebirth out of fear, ignorance and separation from everyone and everything else into Taliesin’s birth … being everything.


This workshops takes us to the theme of Choice. Choice is vital to us, as you’ll discover … even more than you probably already know.

Our story is Ragnall’s Wedding, the Loathly Lady, and how she tests first Arthur and then Gawain. And how Gawain answers the question successfully. This workshop is about learning to ask, to let go, to give away … to give choice.


This workshop is about the Teacher, about growing up, making the personality a vehicle for the soul; trials; testing; trickery.

Our story is The Enchanter’s Tale, the story of Llew Llaw Gyffes and how Blodeuwedd, the Queen of the Night, helps him to grow from a selfish child into a useful and caring guardian. Following Llew you will go this way.


This workshop is about Service. When we know that we are part of everything, when we have choice, when have learned not to be selfish but to care for everything, then we can learn to be of service to the Earth.

Our story is Thomas the Rhymer. Thomas was a real person, a Scottish shaman from the 12th century. He coined the phrase “Walking Between Worlds” and he was certainly a walker between worlds. He goes to otherworld, meets the Queen of the Faer and returns. This “return” is one of the most important things the shaman does. Journeying is to walk between worlds and return. It’s about responsibility; going & returning; seeking wisdom and retuning to help the earth, Life, rather than going on to look after oneself. It is not useful just to go out if you do not return to give your wisdom to those you serve. This journey shows you the way.

The format for each of the days is …

You arrive by 10.30. We have coffee, introduce ourselves and begin the workshop. After going over the theme of the day I tell you the Story. Then we discuss what the story has told us and what we have learned.

After lunch I lead you into a Journey that follows the theme of the story; you go there, have the experience.

You then draw the journey. Drawing contacts different parts of the brain than writing, allows you to go deeper into the journey, stops your brain from expurgating the bits it doesn’t find easy to take . You do this in silence, not discussing your journey as yet.You then tell your journey to your colleagues in small groups – we do some work and exercises on listening and hearing to help with this in the morning. We then come together in the whole group and share your experiences.

After tea we work together to prepare the Ritual we are going to do after supper. Again the ritual works around the theme of the story.

After supper we drive to the sacred site and perform the ritual. We then return home, have a brief discussion over coffee.

The workshop ends by 9.00pm.

cost is £45/workshop or £175 for all 4 booked together