You’ll recall I went and got some plants on Thursday? I planted them yesterday. The bronze-floiage, pink dahlias (‘Happy Single Wink’) (what a name !!!) go very well with the bronze phormium as you can see in the pic. Sorry it’s not top quality, all I had was my phone! But it gives you an idea. Will do better with camera in a couple of weeks when the plants have settled in. I also planted the lacecap hydrangea, ‘Mariesii Perfecta’, to the right so it will grow up the bank, it will eventually get to be 6 ft height & spread, if I let it :-). It’s supposed to be blue but that won’t last here as we’re quite alkali. Currently the inside is pink & the outside blue, very nice and goes with everything else in the bed.

If it stops raining, as predicted, later I’ll add the hostas into that bed too. They’re my favourites, ‘Fire & Ice’. I love the white against that dark green and they should light up in the bed with all the bronze around them.

I also planted the perovskia (Russian Sage) and the verbena bonariensis on the pond bank. At present you can’t see them behind the crocosmia and day lillies but that’ll change in a couple of weeks. Must take cutting of the perovskia as I tend to lose over the winter here.

Doing the pond bank got me going in general and some thngs had to come out as they were all wrong! The lovage plant, though gorgeous looked like a straggly hedge which was not my intention, and was aded and abetted by the blue artichoke whic had decided to lie down all over the shop! both came out – the lovage had (of course) sent its roots down to australia so I daresay I’ll be pulling bits of it out for years … Ha! That’ll teach me *g*. anyway ot all looks much better now, will do some camera pix next wk.

It also got me to looking at the pointy pine that was right, years ago and is no longer. Also, it’s not doing well there, going brown and, as you may know, once pines go brown they don’t come back green again so look mangey forever after. It’s a water problem, that bank can get dry. So … later today, when the rain stops out comes the saw and it’s going! drastic – yes, but it will work. And we’ll use the wood (with thanks to the tree) over the winter in the wood-burner.