I was completely wrecked last night! All the grass got cut, including the edgs which the friends who mow don’t do. I think they may be afraid of hurting things if they push the mower under – thoey won’t – so there was grass 8-10 inches high at the edges of beds. Arrrrggghhh !!! That is really hard work when it gets like that. I need to mow more often, and/or explain how to do edges. Anyway, it got done and looks very nice.

There was a bumble bee crawling in the grass near where I sit by the pond when I finished. I brought him some honey on the end of a spoon – just a tiny drop – as he seemed knackered himself. He sat on my hand and sucked up a little then proceeded to do the “turning dance”, orienting himself with where he was, where he’d been and where he needed to go. His tiny claws were amazing on my skin, he gripped quite well and I really felt him. His fur was good too as he let me stroke him. Then he got his directions sorted and flew off. It is so wonderful when a wild creature trusts you like this !!!

I weeded the Monster Bed too after all that, ready for planting up with those dahlias and the hydrangea later today. Then Paul cleared the gone-over spinach and I sowed the next lot – Matador & GiantAamerican, both good for sowing/planting in the heat of the summer as they don’t tend to bolt so much.

By this time I was wrecked, filthy & starving! I sagged into the kitchen and put dinner together, then collapsed on the sofa in front fo The X Files *g*. And then Ray phoned! He’d got some fresh rabbit, half a hare, some of his red currants and a dozen mangoes for me. The meat he shot himself and the currants were his own but the mangoes came from Hay-on-Wye market as a load that hadn’t sold on Thursday and so were given away. Paul adores mangoes so that was a real treat *g*. I ate dinner, oggled Molder, felt refreshed and drove down to Ray’s for a cup of tea, chat and some of Sue’s homemade giga-cake – victoria spnge with jam this time and superb!. Tottered home again about 10, fell into shower and then stacked Zzzzzzzzzz