These are the gloves I made from looking at my friend’s pattern. They have a thumb with no end and no fingers but come down over the knuckles.
The pattern is really simple – once you can knit on 4 needles :-). Get the number of stitches that fits around your wrist – don’t make it too large, remember wool stretches! It’ll probably be around 36-is sitches for double-knit thickess of wool. then it’s kit 4 rows, purl 4 rows, alternately untill you get to where you want the thumb – keep trying it on to find this.
At the thumb you have to take off and hold the stitches for the thumb-round. this will be about 10 stitches. You may need a bit of trial-n-error on this, just give it go. put the rest of the stiches on a holder and leave while you knit the thumb-round – you can do this straight and sew it together after, or fiddle around on the 4 needles. I tend to be a fiddler!
When the thumb is done go back to the main bulk of the stitches and continue knit/purl alternation untill the glove is as long as you want it. Finish on a knit row so it lies down on your hand comfortably.
Cast off, sew in the ends, and follow the pattern you’ve now made for yourself to do the other glove.
I use lots of different colours as I’m a bit of a colour-freak, but you can do lovely subtle patterns too. I intend to do this with the leg warmers and more gloves using the natural colours of the Shetland fleeces, perhaps interspersed with some bright colour too.
And I like knitting socks !!!