Elen Sentier’s Blog: “Went to M’s yesterday to choose fleeces for spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving … M has a lovely small flock of Shetland sheep – perhaps the best wool in the world along with Merino.
This is a one of the girls whose fleece I’ll be using this winter.
Shetland sheep are naturally coloured and I’ll be using that but I also dye some of the wool, often bright colours, for contrast. M would like a jumper with a mix of natural and dyed wool.

We also got some muck while we were there. ‘Muck’ is cow manure. M’s is super-special as she has a biodynamic smallholding and so uses the preps on her land and in the muck heap. She also a combination of the compost preps in the deep litter that she overwinters the cattle in through Nov-Feb. This helps the muck begin to compost and vastly reduces any smell … not that there’s any unpleasant odour as M is orgtanic/biodynamic and so her beasts are fed properly, their innards work and they don’t do nasty-smelling poo !!!

This is Paul working the muck into the bed. I’ll be planting a very late crop of swede, turnip & kale in the bed.”