This is what it’s all about :-). This is a vortex having been stirred up and just about to be broken down into chaos again.

I’m stirring BD Prep 500 here, that’s cow manure that’s been prepared by putting it into a cow’s horn and burying it in the ground from Autumn Equinox to Spring. Sounds amazing – I know – but it does something to the stuff, amkes it into something very special that imrpoves the soil, the way the roots take up food and water and so the health of the plants. It also encourages the micorhiza – that’s the intelligent life of the soil that aids plant growth see for more on this. So the whole root-soil-plant system works well together.

Why and even how it does this is not really known although there are lots of guesses, however it does work. We stir the Prep 500 every day for the 12 days of christmas – one day for each month. and here’s a pic of Paul doing just that *grin*