Following the Deer Trods and Walking Between Worlds, as we call the path of the awenydd, is an experiential path. It’s not easy and it will stretch you to and beyond your limits, expand the envelope in ways that are often difficult and painful … but it is full of joy. It’s a slow path that never stops but continues all your life, and on into future lives too.
As well as the Apprenticeship and the advanced 3-year Rainbow Warriors courses, my colleagues and I offer workshops with other foci such as spiritual bread-making, working with plants and herbs, vision quests that work with the four elements, and a 5-day death workshop. If any of these speak to you email me to find out more.

The 2020 Following the Deer Trods Apprenticeship applications opens on 6th Jan closes on 31st July. If you’re thinking of applying have a look at the Following the Deer Trods weekend, read Elen of the Ways and some others of my books to get a feel of me and the way I work. Do apply for the weekend.

Following the Deer Trods – copyright Elen Sentier

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