Elen Fire 1Following the Deer Trods

Britain is an ancient land. The latest archaeological finds show that people have lived here for the best part of a million years. And all through that time our shamans have been with us although, nowadays, most people have largely forgotten our Old Ways and don’t realise the Old Ones are still here. But they are.

We who follow the old ways have been in hiding for 2000 years … since the Romans and Christians came … so we’re now very good at hiding. One of the reasons people don’t know about us and have forgotten us and the old ways is that we go unnoticed because we don’t look any different from everyone else.

There is a strong body of knowing of the Old Ways in Britain often very well hidden in the stories and song of this land. The trainings I offer enable you to follow the quicksilver pathways of the goddesses Elen of the Ways … we call it Following the Deer Trods.

My people, my family and the elders of the villages where I grew up were of those folk, the hidden folk. We followed the old ways from time out of mind and I still do, and I pass them on to others who come to me.

The training I offer comes from my long family lineage in the British native tradition and from my own experiences. As well as my family I also worked with wonderful people like Lila Bek, Caitlin & John Matthews, Emma Restall Orr, C Maxwell Cade, Colin Bloy, Hamish Miller, Paul Devereux, John Michell and many others during the 1970s and 80s. And I trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist with Ian Gordon Brown and Barbara Somers in the early 1990s. The work I did with all of these people is woven into the training I now offer along with all the ancient wisdom I was gifted by my family and the elders of the villages where I grew up. For more about the old ways in which I was brought up see British Native Shamanism.

I’m also a writer with Moon Books, Cosmic Egg Books and Earth Books (John Hunt Publishing) … see BOOKS and I teach too, both the Apprenticeship in the Old Ways and various workshops and talks.

Warm wishes from between the two lights,
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