It Ain’t Necessarily So …

“The words that you’re liable to read in the Bible, it ain’t necessarily so” – these words from Ira Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess have been very significant to me since I first heard them on dad’s gramophone way back in … Continue reading

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The Deeper Message of the Flow Hive

Elen Sentier:

Do read this article. It staggers me how lazy and incompetent and selfish we are !!!

Originally posted on Natural Beekeeping Trust - Sun Hive Bees:

Very lovely

Living with bees is not about hardware, hives and management techniques any more – it is ultimately about the survival of life on earth.

In the last few days, the media worldwide have become positively besotted with a new invention that has a powerful lure: it makes removal of honey from a hive so easy that, in the words of a press release, ‘there is … the potential for remotely activated or automatic honey extraction’.  There is also the implication that it helps bees, by allowing the beekeeper to ‘harvest in a bee-friendly way’. That’s what we all want, is it not: to be bee-friendly and less disruptive?

Let us pause for a moment: does taking honey need to be disruptive, even under current practices? Responsible beekeepers have long found that sharing genuinely surplus honey is one of the many ways in which they can sensitively interact with the bees…

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6th taster for Moon Song

Blood Moon ‘Come on,’ Isoldé ordered Tristan out of the truck and pointed him to the path to the grove. ‘Go!’ He did as she bid him. Embar leapt out of the back of the truck and stood at Isoldé’s … Continue reading

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5th taster for Moon Song

Faer Folk Lights flickered amongst the moss-covered tree branches, bright shadows stretched between the lights. They looked like the outlines of Arthur Rackham’s fairy folk. Both cat and woman stood stock still, staring. The lights danced around them, Isoldé could … Continue reading

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4th taster for Moon Song

Hare … Out on the cliff path the light on the grass was bright and fine, glittering with dew. She rounded a bend in the cliff trail and stopped short. A hare sat in the path. ‘Hello,’ she breathed, standing … Continue reading

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3rd taster for Moon Song

Sparrow: Isolde For once, the cathedral was quite empty; Isoldé stood sensing into the quiet, the echoes of silence. At moments like this you really got a feel of the place. She stood at the west end. The wide floor … Continue reading

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Another taster for Moon Song

Beginnings & Endings: Mark In the library, Embar on his lap and a tumbler full of Talisker in his hand, he sat staring. He could hear the voice inside his head. ‘All yours now. Don’t you go letting me down! … Continue reading

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Teaching …

I really enjoyed this post by Nimue in Druid Life, so much so in fact it got me writing my own thoughts on the subject :-). Enjoy Nimue’s post … Teaching … As a teacher, I so agree with Nimue … Continue reading

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Taster for Moon Song

Beginnings & Endings: Tristan O dark dark dark. They all go into the dark TS Eliot: East Coker Tristan left Caergollo at dead of night. He parked the car by the bridge at the bottom of the village and continued … Continue reading

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Imbolc Experience

I was fortunate to spend yesterday with dear friends talking, feeling, experiencing Imbolc and the everyday magic this time shows us. The following is some of the things we came up with. Religions tend to come from the head, the … Continue reading

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