British Native Shamanism – Being Awenydd

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace” Albert Schweitzer


I 0 - Elen of the Ways Cover Lo-Resoffer courses in the British Native Tradition of Following the Deer Trods … a 1 year Awenydd Apprenticeship followed by the 3 year Rainbow Warrior Training. I also lead a monthly Drumming Circle and run occasional  Workshops which may involve aspects of bushcraft which is one of my passions.

This book is useful to find out more about where I come from … click on to go to Amazon.

The awenydd is the Spirit Keeper – this is British Native Shamanism which goes back thousands of years. This training has grown out of the way I was brought up, following the Deer Trods. I come from a long family tradition – see About Me.

by Chesca Potter

The training follows a pattern of learning which will help you to find your feet in the deer trods of Elen of the Ways (see Chesca Potter’s picture). It’s very experiential. I send you lesson notes each season which include journeys, exercises and craft work as well as ideas and concepts about that stage of the work so there is reading as well, but the main fulcrum of the training is you doing it – you do the work and the work grows and changes you. Both the apprenticeship and the 3 year training revolve around the 8 seasons of the year.

In the Apprenticeship you read stories, make sacred tools, meet the three worlds and the four elements, learn how we journey, meet your Familiar and your Teacher and your totem group, and you learn about the sacred duality which underlies all the work. There is also the possibility, if you want it and can come, to spend a day each season, as a group with others who are also doing the apprenticeship, working with me here at my home. On these days we do practical work and visit sacred sites as well as you having the opportunity to share your experiences with each other as well as me. We sometimes do some bushcraft stuff – fire, cooking, direction and path-finding, tracking – and occasionally camp at somewhere special.

The 3 year Rainbow Warrior training builds on this and you learn about Thread-Twining which is fundamental to British shamanism. You learn about the Celtic chakra system and healing, how it all works, when you should use it and how, healing unto death; all of this is deep. You go on to learn about working with the land, the spirits of place, the four elements, through biodynamics; this is very practical shamanism and enables you to work with the earth and otherworld and so be a useful part of the plan. Your final year takes you into work of Service to the Earth; you’ll work with energy and ley lines, sacred sites, the three retrievals and the three cups. The 3 year training ends with a workshop here in Britain where you practice the skills you have learned and find your own initiation into the Warriors.

If this excites you and you want to know more email me and fill in the Application Form. this starts a conversation between us so you can discover if it is what you want.