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Elen Fire 1I’m a writer with Moon Books & Cosmic Egg Books (John Hunt Publishing) and a British native shaman and teacher. In Britain the shaman is called awenydd (you pronounce it Ah-when-ith) which means spirit keeper, awenyddion is the plural. I write about our old British traditions as I learned them when I was a child in the 1950s and as they’ve taught me for the rest of my life. Some of this comes out in non-fiction books about our ways but I also write novels.

They are about walking between the worlds, relationships between people and the unseen world, otherworld, shamanism . The stories are set in the present day or the near future. and are about “ordinary” people, love stories that are intricately and intimately bound up with Otherworld, the Faer, the elementals and the powers of the Earth.

My novel Moon Song will be out later this year with Cosmic Egg Books … will keep you posted on this.


Books Owl WomanMy first novel, Owl Woman, is currently available on Amazon. The story begins as the heroine, Vicki wakes out of a dream just as the phone rings. She answers it and her father’s housekeeper tells her that Jacob, her archaeologist father, has been killed just as she saw in her dream. She goes home to find out what has happened and old things begin to surface. And the village is in turmoil because Sylvie, her father’s mistress, has capped the spring and the village is dying for lack of water. Vicki meets Merle again, her ex-lover from whom she ran away, and learns Jacob had found the village’s famous 4000-year-old gold cup that he’d been searching obsessively for all his life. This re-awakened Sylvie’s own grail-obsession. She and Jacob fought and now the cup has disappeared again. Vicki and Merle begin the hunt to retrieve it. Events are exacerbated by Vicki’s resumed but still rocky relationship with Merle, and by the shadowy Owl Woman, the spirit-of-place, who has her own agenda. Vicki finds herself becoming this spirit …


I’m currently working on the 3rd novel, Bright Darkness. It’s set in the near future after a natural catastrophe. Anny and her lover, Kelen, have to work with the spirits of place to set things right after some terrible things have been done by a group of people who want to turn the clock back.


And the non-fiction books are about this too. So far they are …

Celtic chakras book  0 - Elen of the Ways Cover Lo-Res Lo Res - Trees of the Goddess Dreamweaver-Lulu_157002  Lulu front cover

I teach about all this too. If you feel you would like to walk the deer trods in the old British way look at the British Native Shamanism page. I offer a one-year apprenticeship followed by a three-year advanced training.

More About Me …

All my life I’ve walked the Deer Trods of Elen of the Ways, the Ancestor. My mother’s mother was a witch from the Isle of Man; my father was a cunning man from Lancashire who settled on the edge of Exmoor. My mother passed over into the Summer Lands when I was four years old but I remember her well and sometimes she still contacts me if there is a need. I grew up in an ancient village where the church is dedicated to the goddess – Urith, the old spelling is Iwerydd – and my aunt owned her sacred well. The elder folk in the village (of which my stepmother was one) involved us young ones in all the cunning ways so I grew up in the old shamanism of Britain.

I come from a family of awenyddion. My mother’s mother was a witch from the Isle of Mann, and my father a somewhat reluctant spirit keeper and engineer. One of my uncles was a gardener who talked to his plants and did lots of biodynamic-like things. Another was a farmer who could talk with animals; I’ve seen him call a wild hawk to his wrist and, many times, sat all night by his side under a tree watching foxes and dormice, weasels and rabbits, badgers and hunting owls, and all the other night denizens of the wild woods. So I grew up in an environment full of everyday magic.

Always living with otherworld, I’ve explored all sorts of magical paths and been fortunate to meet and work with some amazing people … like C Maxwell Cade; Hamish Miller; Tom Graves; Colin Bloy and Lilla Bek. Meeting and working with Caitlin & John Matthews was a wonderful moment for me, they helped me come out as a shaman and still encourage me in the work. Emma Restall Orr (Bobcat) is another person who has strongly influenced my life.

I’ve done all sorts of things in my current incarnation. I started out as a teacher, trained to teach Rudolph Laban Modern Educational Dance but went on to do contemporary dance, partly with Robert Cohen and Martha Graham technique at The Place in London. Then I took a big step sideways and joined the Ministry of Defence, carrying on dancing as “demonstrator” for a friend who taught for Arlene Phillips at the London Pineapple Dance Studio. I enjoyed my time with the services and finished up as project manager designing a networked computer system for Defence Sales. After leaving the MoD I met Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers and trained with them in transpersonal psychology and had a practice, working especially with dreams, until I moved out of London in 1999. The transpersonal is a part of me, informs everything in my life. I’m also an artist and gardener. Biodynamic gardening is another passion, our land here is Demeter certified.

I live and work in the Welsh Marches – the borders of Wales and England – a very magical place and full of Celtic and Arthurian legend, and share my life with my husband, Paul, our cats, host of wildlife and the Seelie Court.

Warm wishes from between the two lights,
email me at elen.sentier@yahoo.co.uk


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